2016 Annual Peace Conference

Saturday, October 29 • Augustana Lutheran Church
in Omaha

The world is getting hotter.

Globally, July was the hottest month on the historical record, eclipsing ten straight months of record-breaking temperatures. The nation of Kuwait set a temperature reading of 129 degrees Fahrenheit—the hottest ever recorded on earth.

This heat has huge implications for our way of life, from coastal population areas inundated by rising sea levels, to our capacity to grow food, to even our ability to be out in the sun.

In the opening keynote speech of the 2016 Annual Peace Conference—“The Climate Crisis: Coming to Grips with the Truth of Our Situation”—Richard Miller, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Creighton University, will address the harsh reality of the perils we face.

But as we all well know, many people (the Republican presidential nominee and our own Gov.among them) deny the science of climate change. Scientific evidence and facts do not faze their thinking. They hold to their opinions regardless.

In a second keynote presentation, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Political Science Foundation Professor John Hibbing will discuss this dismaying sociological phenomenon in a talk entitled, “The Limits of Rationality: Biological Influences on Political Beliefs.”

And finally, as a special bonus feature of this year’s conference, State Senator Ernie Chambers will deliver a half-hour talk over the noon luncheon. Two ‘one-hour’ sets of educational workshops covering a variety of Peace & Justice issues will complete the day’s activities.

The 2016 Annual Peace Conference promises to be one of the best in our storied 46-year-long history. Plan now to attend this all-day event (lunch included) for just $20.

You can register for the conference by contacting the NFP State Office directly at nfpstate@nebraskansforpeace.org (phone 402-475-4620) or by clicking HERE to download the registration form, or you can find it to download on the NFP website: nebraskansforpeace.org.

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