URGENT ACTION | Help the Peace Process Succeed in Iran

Our national affiliate organization, Peace Action, has issued the following action alert on the diplomatic negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. Please contact Senator Johanns and Senator Fischer and urge them to give peaceful dialogue a chance to succeed. You can find the contact information for Nebraska elected officials by clicking HERE.

Right now we sit at the precipice of peace with Iran. The world is the closest it's been in decades to a deal with Iran that would guarantee its nuclear program would not be used in the future to make nuclear weapons. Though a deal was not reached in Geneva over the weekend, diplomacy is working.

Yet, as we sit on the delicate edge of success, there are hawks in Congress that threaten diplomacy by wanting to pass more crippling sanctions. Sanctions, by the way, that tend to affect ordinary Iranians disproportionately. Sanctions that would send a bad message to Iran's new moderate government, who, by all accounts have been negotiating in good faith. Sanctions that might scuttle success.

Call both of your Senators now and tell them to support diplomacy with Iran and oppose sanctions.

In less than ten days, the world will sit down again to do the hard work of diplomacy. There has been significant progress and experts agree we are at the verge of solving this crisis. Please make your voice heard now by contacting your Senators.

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