ACTION ALERT | Upcoming Hearing on Voter Suppression Bill

Article I Section 22 of the Nebraska Constitution reads, "All elections shall be free; and there shall be no hindrance or impediment to the right of a qualified voter to exercise the elective franchise".

Two bills before the Nebraska Legislature would require all Nebraska registered voters to show a government-issued photographic identification before being able to vote at the ballot box. These bills are being offered up based on the fallacy that Nebraska is fraught with voter fraud. We know that isn't true. As we have seen in other states, these voter suppression bills are used to keep certain people - the young, low-income, disabled and minorities - from voting.

These bills will be heard before the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee this Friday, January 23rd beginning at 1:30 PM.

We encourage the members and friends of Nebraskans for Peace to contact the senators on this committee and tell them to vote No on LB 111 and LB 121. We also encourage you to attend the hearing where you can sign in as being opposed to the bill.

Members of the Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee are:

Sen. John Murante (committee chair):, 402-471-2725
Sen. Dave Bloomfield:, 402-471-2716
Sen, Joni Craighead:, 402-471-2714
Sen. Tommy Garrett:, 402-471-2627
Sen. Mike Groene:, 402-471-2729
Sen. Matt Hansen:, 402-471-2610
Sen. Tyson Larson:, 402-471-2801 (introduced LB 111)
Sen. Beau McCoy:, 402-471-2885

To read the bills, click  here: LB 111, LB121

Thank you,

Tessa Foreman
Legislative Advocate, Nebraskans for Peace

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