Activist Resources

I. DVDs and Movies
(available from the NFP State Office)

a) The Battle for Whiteclay by Mark Vasina (Civil Rights and Economic Justice Priority) 

b) Life in Occupied Palestine featuring Jewish-American activist Anna Balzer (Anti-War Priority)

c) LastBestChance by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (StratCom Priority)

d) W by Oliver Stone (Anti-War Priority) covers America’s reasons going to war in the Muslim world

e) An Inconvenient Truth featuring Al Gore (Environmental Priority) excerpts could be discussed in connection with Bruce Johansen’s “What’s HOT in Global Warming” column in the Nebraska Report

f) DVD on Anti-bullying (Turn Off the Violence Priority)  

II. Speakers:

1. Mark Vasina on Whiteclay and film screening
2. Kerry Beldin or Paul Olson on bullying
3. Byron Peterson on Single-Payer healthcare systems
4. Hank van den Berg on immigration
5. Tim Rinne on StratCom
6. Jill Francke on the death penalty
7. Jay Schmidt on Alternatives to the Military
8. Christy Hargesheimer on political prisoners (including Nebraska political prisoners Mondo and Ed Poindexter)
9. Kerry Beldin on domestic violence and dating violence
10. John Krejci on NFP’s positions on Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan 

III. Short readings on the Web

May be used for group discussion events:

1. Noam Chomsky on militarism, world hunger, neoliberalism, and the U.S. budget. (Anti-War and Civil Rights and Economic Justice Priorities) 

2. Mike Moore on StratCom and the militarization of space. This review summarizes Moore’s book on America’s effort to militarily dominate outer space, centered at U.S. Strategic Command outside Omaha, Nebraska.  May be used with Tim Rinne’s articles about STRATCOM.

IV. Resources in the Arts

1. Power to the Poster

2. Anti-Oppression Art


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