Anti-War & International Law


Anti-War & International Law

Project 1.1 Military Spending & the Federal Budget
Project 1.2 Middle East, Israel and Palestine
Project 1.3 United Nations, Globalization & StratCom

Nebraskans for Peace is committed to the creative, nonviolent resolution of conflict and views war as a practical failure at peacemaking. Confronting violence with violence, we believe, will never create the conditions for peace. Wars and military ventures that harm the lives, health and welfare of countless innocent civilians are not only destined to fail, they foster anti-American sentiment and foment terrorism.

As demonstrated on an ongoing basis, our government’s military policy is more and more being guided by corporate economic interests. From efforts to seize control of Mideast oil resources, to the sale of armaments on the global market, the collusion of the Military-Industrial Complex has never been greater. Through our educational outreach efforts, media events and public demonstrations, NFP seeks to cut through the political spin and fear-mongering about our national security, critically examine our government’s true intentions and work to change our foreign and military policy.

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