Dear Member of Nebraskans for Peace:

I have been a member of Nebraskans for Peace for the full forty years of its existence. I have attended every annual peace conference in that span of time if I was in this country. I remember when Randall Forsberg, then a young woman, talked about the Nuclear Weapons Freeze to NFP—years before we had a FREEZE movement nationally, years before Ronald Reagan finally gave in and negotiated a START nuclear weapons reduction treaty. I remember when Isabel Letelier, whose husband had been assassinated by the Chilean government in this country with the complicity of the U.S. government, spoke to us about our plot to destroy a duly elected government in Chile. Later evidence confirmed what she said to be true. 

I remember dozens of times like this when NFP met to deliberate at a time when history was about to turn. We made a difference. I believe that we are at such a point now.

First, we as Nebraskans are responsible for examining how our state turns a profit economically. We are meeting in Omaha where U.S. Strategic Command accounts for ten percent of the economy—much of it designed to arm space and use space-guided drones to kill people a continent or more away. Once space is armed, there will be no turning back from our exhausting our resources militarizing the heavens. Author Mike Moore in his keynote address will speak to us about what we can do turn this situation with StratCom around and start solving our manifold problems here on earth.

We in Nebraska are also making a profit on undocumented immigrants who have no rights, who do work that most of us would not or could not do, and who live in the shadows. Opportunistic political leaders in Nebraska have decided to make such people scapegoats—not the companies that hire them, the buses that bring them up here, the counterfeiters that provide them with fake papers, or the federal officials who refused to adopt a sensible national immigration policy.

We are being manipulated by politicians who seem to be in the hands of a hate groups demonizing undocumented workers and seeking to enact laws that target all Hispanics. Our home state is the cusp of becoming one of the most racist places in the country—with our complicity in Whiteclay’s lawless alcohol sales, Omaha’s affliction of systematic poverty on its African-American young (six in ten Omaha African-American kids live below the poverty line—the highest in the nation), and Fremont’s anti-immigrant hysteria. Our second keynote speaker, Heidi Beirich of the renowned Southern Poverty Law Center (whose successful lawsuit against the Klan drove that organization into bankruptcy), will explain how these anti-immigrant hate groups operate, and will talk about how we counteract this racism in Nebraska.

This is probably the most crucial annual peace conference NFP has held in many years, and I am concerned that not enough people will show up to energize our base and change the political environment.

We need you to come to the 2010 Annual Peace Conference, Saturday October 16 in Omaha, get motivated, and go back home ready to change things.

This is a rare opportunity, and we need you to take advantage of it now—not tomorrow or next week when it’s too late—by signing up to attend to today.

You can register online right now by clicking here.

Please don’t pass up this chance to stand up and be counted and to make a difference—and do something for peace and justice.

You’ll be glad you attended.  And we’ll all be grateful you did.

Paul A. Olson
President, Nebraskans for Peace 

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