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Goin' Broke Paying for War

Goin' Broke Image

Get your own personal
Goin’ Broke Paying for War 
Yard Sign

At any of the following locations around the state:

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Goin' Broke Paying for War More than a Catchy Slogan

Paul Olson
UNL Emeritus Professor

Speaking Our Peace Graphic

The ‘Goin’ Broke Paying for War’ message that NFP has been pushing the past two years (first with bumper stickers—and now with yard signs) is more than just catchy language. Both economically and culturally, it’s patent truth.

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NFP Scholarships to High School Seniors

Carol Windrum

Nebraskans for Peace is offering scholarships to graduating high school seniors.  Three $500 scholarships and six $100 scholarships will be awarded to seniors who wish to pursue a college education.  The awards, based upon written essays, will be evenly divided among the three congressional districts.  The recipients will be students who wish to further their education in an area consistent with the mission of Nebraskans for Peace:  peace with justice through community building, education and political action.  

Applications should go within the body of an email (not as an attachment) to on or before April 15, 2010. Winners will be notified no later than April 22, 2010.  

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Nebraskans for Peace {dot} ORG

Welcome to our newly redesigned Web site. 

This new version of is meant to enhance our efforts at community-building, education and political action in 2010. We will continue to focus on turning off the violence in our schools, working for peace and international law, exposing the threats of StratCom's offensive missions, organizing for civil rights and economic justice, and defending our environment. Our bi-monthly media publication, the Nebraska Report, will continue to be offered as a PDF to download and all of its content will be posted as Articles to share online.

As a statewide organization, we have also built into the site structure a place for local Chapters to thrive -- to work together and share what works. With 11 Chapters currently across the state, we feel providing a online resource will help them grow and be more successful in their own communities while working for the goals of Nebraskans for Peace.

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Nothing 'FAIR' about Them...

Anti-Immigration Organization Operating in Nebraska Branded as a 'Hate Group' by National Civil Rights Watchdog

Paul A. Olson 
Nebraskans for Peace President

At a February legislative hearing on a bill dealing with immigration, State Senator Bill Avery asked a pointed question of Kris Kobach, the lawyer for the legal affiliate of the ‘Federation for American Immigration Reform’ (FAIR). Did Kobach know, Avery inquired, that the ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’ had classified his umbrella group, FAIR, as a hate group?

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