Archive: 03/2010

Has Our Nasty Winter Ended Global Warming? We Should be So Lucky

Professor Bruce E. Johansen

Global Warming Graphic

Nasty winter, eh? Enough to make some of us question the association between sanity and a Nebraska address. La Vida Buena, anyone? I could use a transfer to the University of Nebraska at Key West.

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Officially Forty


On February 1, 1970, when Nebraskans for Peace first filed its articles of incorporation with the Nebraska Secretary of State, no one could have predicted that this fledgling anti-war group would one day become the oldest statewide Peace & Justice organization in the entire country.

An even ‘redder’ state then than we are today, set smack in the heart of middle America, Nebraska was the last place anyone would have expected a ‘peace organization’ to emerge and then endure.

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