Archive: 12/2010

New START Treaty Passed the U.S. Senate

Dear Colleagues,

The New Start treaty has just passed the U.S. Senate by a 71-26 vote. Both Senators from Nebraska, Nelson and Johanns, voted for the treaty. This is remarkable in a red, red state. It is a tribute to the efforts of the thousands of Nebraskans who have cared about nuclear reductions that our senators listened to us and voted for a future for the human race. There is now the possibility that we can, in the future, seek further reductions in our nuclear arms as well as a comprehensive ban on further nuclear testing. So often we who pursue peace have to announce that we have failed or that we believe our government officials to have voted against humankind's interests. They did not in this instance. We can rejoice at this vote. Celebrate. Please write to Johanns and Nelson to thank them.

Paul Olson, NFP President

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Can the System Solve the Problem?


Having just emerged from yet another political campaign brimming over with meaningless twaddle, I have a gnawing suspicion that our system can’t handle serious issues.  The clowns have taken over the circus, and the implications for our future are downright ominous.

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Wikileaks Revelations Show Obama Administration Complicity in Honduras Coup

Wikileaks’ unauthorized release of thousands of classified State Department documents has provoked moral outrage from pundits and politicians over this breech of national security.

Sadly, however, that moral outrage has not extended to the content contained in the documents. 

Take the military coup in Honduras, for example. 

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NFP Lincoln Chapter Hosts Program on Poverty in the State Capital

Last week, the NFP Lincoln Chapter trained the spotlight at a dirty little secret right in our own state capital:  the growing problem of poverty among the city’s residents.  The downturn in the economy, coupled with budget cuts to state and federal social services programs, is not only creating greater hardship for low-income people—it’s actually forcing families to the brink of hunger.

At the Lincoln Chapter’s December 7 program, Beatty Brasch, president of Lincoln’s “Center for People in Need,” discussed the findings of a just-released survey on local poverty.  The Lincoln Journal Star article below provides an excellent account of Brasch’s report, plus possible ideas for combating this problem that threatens to become epidemic. North Omaha, for instance, now has the dishonor of being the top-ranking poverty city in the U.S.

Nebraskans for Peace urges other chapters and members throughout the state to host similar forums in their home communities.  America’s economic struggles are set to worsen—not improve—in the days ahead, and as always, it’s always the poor of society who suffer the brunt of the pain.

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A Great Holiday Gift Suggestion

Membership in NFP is a badge of honor. After 40 years, we have about 1,800 members scattered across the state—which is impressive, when you consider that most Vietnam-era Peace & Justice groups don’t even exist anymore. We, though, need twice as many members if we are to be an effective force. 1,800 is just 1 in every 1,000 citizens in the state.

We have to double that number if we hope to be an influential voice in shaping Nebraska’s political debate on war, peace and justice. One surefire way to boost our member rolls this holiday season is with gift memberships to NFP.

You know other people who think as you do on NFP issues. This past year, for instance, I purchased ten memberships for friends who I believe to be prime ‘candidates’ for membership in‘the country’s oldest statewide Peace & Justice organization.’

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