Archive: 05/2011

Chuck Hagel says time to wind down in Afghanistan

Former Nebraska Republican U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel — who single-handedly broke the Republican consensus over the Bush/Cheney Administration’s ‘War on Iraq’ — was back in the news this past week with advice for Barack Obama about the war in Afghanistan.  As Hagel stated in a Lincoln Journal Star story, the death of Osama bin Laden provides the president with an opportunity “to start winding this down… He’s got to start heading toward the exits.”

The longer the U.S. stays in Afghanistan, Hagel warned, the worse for Americans as military casualties mount, resources are squandered and Americans become increasingly viewed as occupiers and oppressors.  “The worst thing we can do is get bogged down [with] no way of getting out… We have lost our purpose, our objective. We are in a universe of unpredictables and uncontrollable,” he stated.

Once again, Chuck Hagel’s public comments about the White House’s conduct of the ‘War on Terror’ are providing a long-awaited opening for anti-war critics.  In his current capacity as co-chair of the president's intelligence advisory board, Hagel is positioned to offer both an authoritative and bi-partisan critique of the war in Afghanistan.

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