Archive: 02/2012

Martin Luther King & Barack Obama

by Paul Olson,
NFP President Emeritus

I write on Martin Luther King Day: a day we celebrate being nice to each other—no bad racist talk, no insults, diversity—and that’s about it. Ronald Reagan, an affable old man who never said nasty things to black people’s faces, declared the day. But Reagan’s White House, according to Secretary of Education Terrell Bell, was full of talk about “Martin Luther Coon,” and Reagan himself ran a racist campaign for president and destroyed the livelihoods of millions of members of our underclasses, both persons of color and white. In his Red-baiting days as the head of the movie actors’ union, in his union-busting days as the governor of California, and throughout his presidency, he deliberately destroyed unions and Affirmative Action, and shifted money to the military to destroy the social safety net.

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