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Lincoln Chapter Potluck and Paul's 80th Birthday!

The NFP Lincoln chapter is having a summer picnic at the shelter near A street in Antelope Park, Lincoln, NE, on July 7th from 5:00pm to sunset.

We decided to set this picnic to coincide with Paul Olson's eightieth birthday. It was not his choice to advertise this part of the event, however, he has been gracious enough to give us permission to have a birthday celebration for him. He has asked that there be no cards or gifts or solemn speeches. In Paul's own words, "because I was a high forceps baby and pretty well torn up when I emerged, my father used to call me on each birthday and say, 'Son, when you appeared, so-and-so many years ago, you looked like a lump of hamburger.' That was enough of a blessing to get me through another year." In lieu of gifts, he said he would just like to see his friends and strengthen his sense that we -- as NFP -- can do some good eventually (or perhaps commiserate about our weaknesses).

This is a pot luck picnic so, if you are somewhat adept or can get someone else to be adept, bring a main dish, a veggie, a salad, a dessert, a drink, or some good bread. If you aren't adept, come anyway as I have never seen a potluck picnic where the group didn't have ten times more food than it could eat. If someone has homemade ice cream, that would be great! If you plan to bring hamburger or hot dogs, send me an email so that we can start up a grill. We will bring some paper plates, utensils, and glasses, and we will try to bring some iced tea, lemonade, ice, and perhaps a soda style drink. We will just socialize, talk gossip and politics, and tell each other how wonderful we are or, perhaps, brag about how much we have gotten done. Please send this on to other people, whether they are members of NFP or not, who might want a picnic and talk.

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Local View: Fortenberry a leader in nuclear nonproliferation

By Paul Olson
Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Lincoln Journal Star

Nebraskans for Peace is not known for subscribing to Republican positions; we are a non-partisan, educational organization.

However, we do applaud good work without examining party affiliation. Last week, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry led one of the few bipartisan efforts in this year’s Congress that may lead us toward a more peaceful world, and most Nebraskans probably did not notice it.

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Here We Go Again!

More destructive financial deregulation sold to the public as the ‘JOBS’ bill

by Hank Van den Berg
UNL Professor of Economics

The “Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act” (which cutely abbreviates into the “JOBS Act”) was signed into law by President Obama on April 5. The signing ceremony featured the usual cast of smiling politicians, with the President handing out the pens he used to sign the bill to the various congressional leaders standing around him. The bill passed with huge majorities of Republicans and Democrats in both houses.

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Climate Activists Tell Warren Buffett Why They Are Blocking His Coal Trains

On May 5, thirteen Canadian citizens stepped onto a railroad track and stopped a BNSF coal train owned by Warren Buffet, whose cargo was headed to export markets in Asia. The BNSF was specifically targeted to draw Buffett’s attention to the dangerous impact coal burning is having on the Earth’s ecosystem. According to founder Bill McKibben, Buffett—though just “a single human being”—is a person “with power enough to make an immediate difference in the fight against climate change.” Thanks to this civil disobedience action, McKibben stated, “Warren Buffett will get the chance to face squarely the role he might play in solving our worst problem, not with future philanthropy but with present-day courage.” Reprinted below is the courtesy letter sent to Buffett notifying him of the protest.

April 30, 2012

Warren Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
3555 Farnam Street,
Suite 1440
Omaha, NE USA 68131

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National Paralysis, Local Healing

by Paul Olson, NFP President Emeritus

Paralysis abounds.

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