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5 UNL scientists seek steps on climate change

By Nancy Gaarder
Saturday, September 22, 2012
Omaha World-Herald

Five University of Nebraska-Lincoln climate scientists released a joint statement Friday calling for action on climate change.

Nebraska is in the midst of its warmest and second driest year on record, and as a result has seen a destructive summer of drought, fire and agricultural losses.

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Senator Haar To Host Seminar on Nebraska Energy Development

Monday, September 24th from 3pm-5pm

State Senator Ken Haar is giving a presentation on Energy Choices for the 21st Century, to be held on Monday, September 24th at 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Hardin Hall Auditorium located at 33rd and Holdrege St. on the University of Nebraska Lincoln East Campus.

The presentation will feature nationally known energy expert Ron Binz, who is a 30-year veteran of utility and energy policy. Most recently, he served for four years as the Chairman of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission where he implemented the many policy changes championed by the Governor and the Legislature to bring forward Colorado’s “New Energy Economy”. Mr. Binz will present his report, “Practicing Risk-Aware Electricity Regulation: What Every State Regulator Needs to Know.”

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The View from Eighty: Counting Wars & War Costs

by Paul Olson, NFP President Emeritus

Recently, the Lincoln NFP Chapter hosted a picnic for my 80th birthday. After the picnic, I wrote to the picnickers:

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Planting for the Future

A ‘Hamlet’ Takes Root in Lincoln
by Tim Rinne
NFP State Coordinator

It wasn’t until the personal implications of climate change began to dawn on me—how it would disrupt my daily routine and the world I took for granted—that the full horror of our situation finally sunk in.

I’d already been fuming over the perils of global warming and our dependence on fossil fuels for a decade by then, prevailing on my friends about my concerns, pondering whether I ought to move my family north to a rainier climate. In my anxiety about needing to do something to avert this coming calamity, I’d gotten myself elected to the Executive Committee of the Nebraska Sierra Club and was chairing its Political and Legislative Committee. As NFP’s State Coordinator, I’d made sure Nebraskans for Peace was doing its part as well, ‘connecting the dots’ between climate disruption and social conflict (such as we’re already seeing in Africa with the wars over water and food). Humanity, Al Gore warned in his 2007 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, had begun to “wage war on the Earth,” which only confirmed in my mind that you couldn’t find a more foundational ‘peace issue’ than climate change—because if we don’t have a habitable place to live, all other peace and justice concerns become moot.

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