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Obama 'Drone-Warfare Rulebook' Condemned by Human Rights Groups

New York Times reports administration attempting to set out circumstances in which targeted assassination is justified, Sunday 25 November 2012

President Barack Obama's administration is in the process of drawing up a formal rulebook that will set out the circumstances in which targeted assassination by unmanned drones is justified, according to reports.

The New York Times, citing two unnamed sources, said explicit guidelines were being drawn up amid disagreement between the CIA and the departments of defense, justice and state over when lethal action is acceptable.

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Report on climate change outlines perils for military

The following article appeared in the Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Omaha World-Herald and documents the growing connection between the disruptive influences of Climate Change and violent conflict across the globe. As the Pentagon's reaction indicates these new conditions are well on their way to becoming the new norm.

WASHINGTON — Climate change is accelerating, and it will place unparalleled strains on American military and intelligence agencies in coming years by causing ever more disruptive events around the globe, the nation’s top scientific research group said in a report issued Friday.

The group, the National Research Council, says in a study commissioned by the C.I.A. and other intelligence agencies that clusters of apparently unrelated events exacerbated by a warming climate will create more frequent but unpredictable crises in water supplies, food markets, energy supply chains and public health systems.

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Once Upon an Ice Cap

By Bruce E. Johansen

Will I live long enough (I am 62) to wake up one morning in September to a headline that reads: ARCTIC ICE CAP GONE? Given what happened this year, the odds are improving. This news story probably will include a disclaimer saying that a single event does not ‘prove’ global warming, and an emphatic denial from someone on an oil-company payroll asserting that the disappearance of the arctic ice cap is a matter of natural variability having absolutely nothing to do with human combustion of fossil fuels.

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Moving toward economic justice

The following article by NFP State Board member Jay Schmidt appeared in the November 02, 2012 edition of the Lincoln Journal Star.

By Jay Schmidt
Lincoln Journal Star
November 02, 2012

If you have been feeling an economic pinch lately it isn't just your imagination. A Pew Center study found "the upper-income tier now take in a much larger share of the American aggregate household income than they did four decades ago, while those in the middle tier take in a much lower share." In fact, the middle class lost a 17 percent share of the total income between 1970 and 2010. The lower-income households lost 1 percent. If you look at net assets, it's even worse. The middle class took a 28 percent loss in assets from 2001 to 2010. Much of this was because of losses in home equity.

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