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Newtown, NFP and the NRA

By Paul A. Olson

Nebraskans for Peace has long endeavored to stem local violence and violence against and among youth. In the 1990s, we worked on teaching students mediation and problem-solving. We continued that thrust into the early 2000s as we endeavored to get schools to offer mediation training to kids and lobbied the Nebraska Department of Education to encourage the same effort. We labored the longest and hardest on anti-bullying policy—first with the Nebraska Board of Education and then, in 2008, with the Legislature, when we succeeded in getting a bill. Last year, we, with others, succeeded in including an anti-bullying policy in the accreditation policies for local schools put out by the Nebraska Department of Education. We have testified consistently against the extension of concealed carry and were greeted with sublime indifference by the Unicameral. In earlier times, we endeavored to stop the authorization of military-style weapons for street carry. Our “Turn Off the Violence” committee is constantly looking for ways to create new interventions to reduce our faith in violence at home.

Except in the bullying efforts, we have largely failed.

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Generals: Get Real and Cut Pentagon Spending

By Robert G. Gard and John Johns,
Special to CNN
Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Editor's note: Lt. Gen. Robert Gard is the chairman of the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former executive assistant to two secretaries of defense. Brig. Gen. John Johns is a former director of human resources development for the Army General Staff. He taught at the U.S. Military Academy and lectured at the Air War College, the Army War College, the U.S. Military Academy, and the Naval Academy. He serves on the board of advisers for the Council for a Livable World.

(CNN) -- A strong U.S. military is indispensable to our national security. As retired military officers, we have dedicated our careers, on active duty and retired, to that end. We have been involved in crafting and teaching national security strategy, of which military strategy and use of military force are vital components.

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Make Jobs NOT War

The following is a message from our friends at Peace Action.

On Election Day, we sent a message. Protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. End the wars and reinvest in our communities.

The wars and tax breaks for the rich and corporations got us into this mess. Move the money from wars and weapons to fund jobs and human services and make the rich pay their fair share of taxes.

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The Fiscal Cliff

Disaster Capitalism at its Finest

by Hendrik Van den Berg
UNL Professor of Economics

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School Board Considering the Elimination of Climate Change form Curriculum

 On Thursday, Dec. 6,  the Nebraska State Board of Education will be discussing the removal of curriculum requirements to teach high school students about climate change. This could be quite detrimental to our students. Allowing them to graduate without teaching them about climate change is going to limit their understanding about the effects our actions have on that change. 

Humans affect the planet in a myriad of ways and our students need to study, discuss, debate, and understand their environment in order to take the reigns as our future leaders. Climate change is part of a global conversation - one which will continue to dominate world issues. The conversation will take place with or without our students -we do them no favors by keeping them ignorant of the subject.

The Board is asking for feedback from Nebraska's educators, parents, and citizens. Please help your voice be heard by contacting the State Board of Education members and asking them to please keep climate change as part of the Geography requirements for our High School Students.

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