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Contact YOUR Senator and Ask them to Support LB 255 Human Trafficking Bill

Putting an end to human trafficking is a big priority for all of us. Let us support Senator Amanda McGill's effort to do just that with her bill LB 255. Contact your senator today and ask them to please support LB 255 on Human Trafficking. To find YOUR Senator's contact information, click HERE.

Important provisions contained in the bill include:

Section 1:
Adds trafficking to the definition of child abuse by stating, “ A person commits child abuse if he or she knowingly, intentionally, or negligently causes or permits a minor child to be…Placed in a situation to be a trafficking victim as defined in section 28-830.”

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ACTION ALERT | Legislative Climate Change Bill Debate TODAY!

For the first time in Nebraska legislative history, a bill dealing with Climate Change will be discussed on the floor of the Unicameral.

TODAY the Legislature will take up debate on LB 583—Sen. Ken Haar’s priority bill to expand the powers of the state’s “Climate Assessment and Response Committee.”

The Climate Assessment and Response Committee (or CARC) was originally established in 1991, but currently has a fairly limited charge.

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Global Day of Action on Military Spending

Today, April 15th, is the Global Day of Action to cut military spending. It is important that today we contact our Federal Representatives and tell them that it is time to cut the out of control Pentagon spending. Click HERE to find the contact information for your Nebraska Representative.

Join millions of people around the world today to focus public, political, and media attention on the waste, fraud and abuse of military spending and the need for new spending priorities. Carved into the stone of the IRS building is the Oliver Wendell Holmes quote, "Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society." Yet, the U.S. leads the world in military spending, spending more on weapons and war than the next ten nations combined, almost surpassing the rest of the world. After more than a decade of war and unprecedented increases in war spending, the U.S. economy is nearly stalled, the nation is in deep debt, and millions of people are out of work with no job prospects in sight.

A telling and sad statistic provided by the Census Bureau reports that in 2011, 46.2 million or 1 out of 7 people live in poverty with almost 1 out of 16 people living in deep poverty. The Census defines deep poverty as income 50% below the poverty line. Census figures show that in 2011, 6.6 percent of all people, or 20.4 million people, lived in deep poverty.

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Remembering Death & Mr. Hagel's Wounds

by Paul Olson, NFP President Emeritus

Let me thank the members of NFP who offered me compassion and love on the death of Fran, my second wife. One cannot ask for more than two beautiful and intelligent wives who cared deeply about peace and justice.

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James Hansen: Keystone XL: The pipeline to disaster

April 07, 2013
By James Hansen
Lincoln Journal Star

In March, the State Department gave the president cover to open a big spigot that will hitch our country to one of the dirtiest fuels on Earth for 40 years or more. The draft environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline acknowledges tar sands are nasty stuff for the environment, but concludes that the project is OK because this oil will get to market anyway -- with or without a pipeline.

A public comment period is underway through April 22, after which the department will prepare a final statement to help the administration decide whether the pipeline is in the “national interest.” If the conclusion is yes, a Canadian company, TransCanada, gets a permit to build a pipeline to transport toxic tar sands through our heartland, connecting to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico, for likely export to China.

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