Archive: 06/2013

Questions and Answers about Climate Change

The attached fact sheet on Climate Change as it relates to our region was prepared this past spring by seven University of Nebraska-Lincoln climatologists, including the directors of the National Drought Mitigation Center and the High Plains Regional Climate Center. This unprecedented document provides the first comprehensive overview, in popular form, of the dangers Climate Change poses to Nebraska’s ecosystem, economy and way of life. 

We encourage you to share this expanded version of the original fact sheet with your email networks. Please click HERE to read this important document.

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Speak Up NOW! $638 Billion for Pentagon? "No Way"!

The following Action Alert was sent to us from our friends at United for Peace & Justice. We feel it is important and want to pass it on to you.

The House of Representatives is poised to vote this week on HR 1960, FY 2014 National Defense Authorization Act, containing another $638 billion for the Pentagon (including $85.8 billion for the "winding down" war in Afghanistan). Isn't this just the usual bad bill, we challenge every year? No it’s much worse!

Here's why: By breaking through the sequester limits on the military, the House leadership aims to double the cuts on domestic discretionary spending. Across the country states and cities are already struggling with painful reductions in unemployment benefits, meals for the elderly, public housing, job training and Head Start. This bill compounds the damage.

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Warren, the World Needs You to Lead

Starting with the 2013 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting May 4, Nebraskans for Peace has taken its appeal for action on climate change to the doorstep of Nebraska’s most famous citizen: Warren Buffett. The 82-year-old billionaire and world’s third-richest person is an international celebrity—widely regarded as the financial industry’s ‘wise uncle’ with his folksy manner and legendary business savvy.

In the months ahead, Nebraskans for Peace will be beseeching Buffett to trade on that celebrity and speak out about the dangers of climate change. Were the “Oracle of Omaha” to raise the warning about the peril rising carbon emissions pose to our ecosystem, overnight, climate change would be seen as a credible threat. Government and industry would have to take notice.

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