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URGENT | Call the White House - NO U.S. Bombing of Syria

The White House is poised to begin a bombing attack of Syria in the next 24 hours. As even Republican Senator John McCain has stated however, it is unclear what we are hoping to do. President Obama has previously asserted that "Assad has to go," but now the administration says that its imminent attack on Syria is not aimed at regime change. But if it is not so aimed, what is the bombing's purpose? 

No one has yet defined how striking Syria will accomplish more than sanctions, diplomacy, and the pressure of international opinion to prevent further use of poison gas or further killing of civilians. Our missiles will also kill civilians, however much we claim that they are pinpointing 'bad guys.' Some administration officials have claimed that Syria is like Kosovo, but even if true, that is hardly a recommendation, as our intervention in Kosovo escalated into a 78-day, full-scale war against the Serbian people with mixed results.

The United Nations Security Council is not likely to approve this intervention and so the U.S. and its allies are likely to be going it alone as they did in Iraq with disastrous results.

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On Strength & Weakness

by Paul Olson, NFP President Emeritus

In 1729, Jonathan Swift proposed that the English butcher and eat yearling Irish babies, thus making productive use of the Irish children who, after weaning, would starve to death from England’s economic policies. For his satiric pains, Swift had to remain anonymous, hunted by the occupying English authorities.

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A Market-Based Carbon Tax That Even Conservatives could like

The following statement, “Take a market-based approach on climate change,” was prepared by the Citizens Climate Lobby, whose executive director, Mark Reynolds, delivered the keynote address at the 2012 Annual Peace Conference in Grand Island. For the past three years, Citizens Climate Lobby has been advocating a market-based tax on carbon called ‘fee and dividend’ that would incorporate the health, economic and environmental costs of burning fossil fuels. Nebraskans for Peace has formally endorsed the ‘fee-and-dividend’ proposal as our best political hope to start reining in greenhouse gas emissions. A revenue-neutral, market-based tax that is completely refunded to the public could actually attract bipartisan support.

President Obama has said he would prefer that Congress enact a market-based solution to the problem of climate change, but that hasn’t happened.

With time running out on our window of opportunity to contain global warming to manageable levels, the President has turned to the only option at his disposal—government regulation to curtail greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants.

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Obsession Without End

The U.S. Government’s Mania Over National Security

Loring Wirbel
Citizens for Peace in Space
Colorado Springs, Colorado

James Cartwright, former commander of Strategic Command and Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has found himself in the uncomfortable and surprising position of being linked with the likes of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. In late June, word leaked that the Justice Department was investigating Cartwright for possibly leaking information on the U.S. Cyber Command’s “Olympic Games” mission to David Sanger of the New York Times. Sanger wrote in a recent book that Olympic Games was an over-arching offensive cyber-war architecture that included “Stuxnet”—the specific program that inserted rogue commands into the logic controllers of Iranian uranium enrichment centrifuges.

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Take a Moment to Thank Rep. Fortenberry

Rep. Fortenberry and 131 other members of Congress signed the following letter to President Obama about Iran. It discourages the president from militaristic actions given the new Iranian election. We encourage everyone to contact Rep. Fortenberry's office to thank him for his efforts to keep the United States from going to war with Iran.

Below is an excerpt of the letter that was sent by Rep. Fortenberry and his colleagues (Click HERE to see the full letter complete with signatures):

Dear President Obama,

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