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2013 Annual Peace Conference

To Feature Political Analyst and Author
Michael Parenti

Internationally acclaimed author and political analyst Michael Parenti will headline the 2013 Annual Peace Conference October 12 in Omaha with an all-too-timely talk on “Rational Wars and Deliberate Deceptions.” The Saturday conference, which is co-sponsored by Nebraskans for Peace and the University of Nebraska-Omaha Grace Abbott School of Social Work, will be held at Augustana Lutheran Church, 38th and Lafayette Streets, from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Registration information is available at NFP’s website or by contacting the State Office.

Click HERE to download the registration form!

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Urge Congress to Hold a Fair Hearing on Climate Change

A hearing titled "The Obama Administration’s Climate Change Policies and Activities" has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. by the Energy and Power Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Our very own Nebraska Representative Lee Terry is a member of this subcommittee.

We need your help to urge Lee Terry, as well as the whole of the House of Representatives to improve this hearing by including a neutral party that can accurately testify about the science of climate change and the solution of a revenue-neutral carbon tax. This hearing is being held in order to closely examine President Obama’s climate action plan and we expect it to be highly critical of the Administration’s proposal to use EPA regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It is very important to contact your own Representative to urge Mr. Terry and the leaders on the Energy and Power committee to include an expert witness to provide testimony about the science of climate change and the solution of a revenue-neutral carbon tax. The list of Nebraska Representatives can be found below.

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Together We Mourn the Loss of a Friend

Lois Victoria Peterson
Feb 27, 1926 - Sep 6, 2013

Nebraskans for Peace lost one of its dearest and most faithful friends Friday, September 6, 2013 when Victoria Peterson passed away at 87. For more than two decades this native Nebraska peacemaker was nothing less than a 'fairy godmother' to Nebraskans for Peace providing always timely volunteer service and financial support to ensure that NFP could continue to perform its mission. A kinder, more generous soul has never walked the earth. It is folks like Victoria who are directly responsible for NFP enduring to become the oldest statewide Peace & Justice organization in the United States. We will always remember her because we will always miss her.

The following obituary appeared in the Omaha World Herald.

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Local View: On Syria, Obama Should Bargain with Putin

The following editorial was published in the Lincoln Journal Star on September 9, 2013 by Nebraskans for Peace member Bob Haller.

By Robert Haller

United Nations Association-Nebraska, a group of citizens interested in world affairs with a preference for multilateral action, joins its sister organizations in the global UNA federal structure in advising caution on the Syrian imbroglio.

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Congress Should Deliberate on Syria

The following letter to the editor was published in the Omaha World-Herald "Public Pulse" on Sunday, September 1, 2013. We strongly urge you to contact your elected officials and demand a full congressional debate before a decision to go to war is made. Click HERE to find contact information for Nebraska elected officials.

Nebraskans for Peace firmly believes in the rule of law, both American constitutional law and international law.

There is no urgency that we attack Syria. The U.N. inspector’s report has not even been issued. The United Nations has not yet debated the situation. The Obama administration has presented no evidence that the Bashar al-Assad regime threatens U.S. territory anytime soon.

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