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Snake Eyes for Las Vegas?

By Bruce E. Johansen

Grand outdoor pools and ersatz waterfalls. Air conditioners humming in 120-degree heat. A chance to get lucky and beat the odds. Las Vegas, Nevada has always been a symbol of American indulgence and damn-nature ecological arrogance.

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Local View: Keep the Negotiations Going

The following guest editorial appeared in the Monday, February 3, 2014 edition of the Lincoln Journal Star.

February 02, 2014
Lincoln Journal Star
By Paul A. Olson and David Forsythe

We should watch what our senators are saying about Middle Eastern negotiations. Nebraskan for Peace and the United Nations Association of Nebraska do not agree on all matters of war and peace (we have differing foci for our work). However, we agree on three principles concerning American negotiations with Iran that we see our Nebraska senators as potentially going against: that we (1) should not bomb Iran in the present circumstances; (2) should work with the interim agreement with Iran and support ongoing UN negotiations; and (3) should not blow-up the present negotiations though imposing further sanctions.

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