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Support LB 965 on the True Cost of Electrical Power

Senator Ken Haar's LB 965 addressing the true cost of fossil fuel-generated electricity by Nebraska's public power utilities will be debated on the floor of the Legislature starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 1st. Please take a quick moment to call or email your state senator to urge their support for LB 965. The statement below, prepared by the Nebraska Sierra Club, provides more explanation about Senator Haar's bill. Telephone and email contact information for your state senator can be found HERE!

Beginning this week, the Nebraska Legislature will consider a bill to level the playing field for clean energy.

Currently, when considering future energy options, our state's public power districts do not take into account the full costs of relying on fossil fuels for power. The fact that fossil fuel generation requires billions of gallons of water every year, water that is vital to all life and is the lifeblood of Nebraska's agricultural economy, is not factored into these decisions.

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Tolstoy & Putin in the Ukraine

by Paul Olson, NFP President Emeritus

Once again, the Crimea has become the locus of peacemaking.

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IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED Minimum Wage Bill to be Debated

Full-time minimum wage workers should not have to live in poverty.

The Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to begin debate as early as today on LB 943, a bill to raise the minimum wage in Nebraska.

• The current minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.
• LB 943 would raise the minimum wage in 2015 to $7.65 per hour, in 2016 to $8.35 per hour and in 2016 to $9.00 per hour.
• At the current minimum wage, a 40 hour a week worker earns $15,080 per year. This is below the federal poverty level for a family of 2.
• 32,000 hourly workers in Nebraska earned minimum wage in 2012.

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The F-35 is a Bad Deal for America

The following email is from our national Peace & Justice affiliate Peace Action. Please take a moment to read this and sign the petition to stop the funding of the wasteful and unneccessary F-35 fighter plane.

Last week we asked you to send a message to Congress to “Crush the Slush” fund and eliminate the Overseas Contingency Operations, the separate budget for war activities. We, and our coalition partners, sent thousands of calls and emails to Capitol Hill. Thank you!

This week, join the over 100,000 people who are telling Congress, “The F-35 is a bad deal for America.” Sign the petition to stop the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft, the most expensive weapon in history.

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IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED Nebraska Legislature Debate on LB 887

This Tuesday, March 18, 2014, the Nebraska Legislature will begin debate on LB 887, the Wellness in Nebraska Act. Here are some facts you should know about LB 887:

  • 54,000 uninsured Nebraskans will get health care coverage
  • Most of these individuals are employed in one or more low paying jobs that are not required to offer health care coverage
  • Medicaid will be expanded to cover some individuals while others will receive assistance to purchase private insurance through the insurance exchange
  • Includes innovative measures to promote personal responsibly and wellness programs
  • Estimated to save the lives of 500 Nebraskans annually
  • Will increase access to early cancer screening - uninsured individuals are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage cancer and are twice as likely to die within 5 years than those with insurance
  • Increased funding for, and access to, mental and behavioral health services which have been drastically reduced in recent years
  • 100% funded by federal dollars until 2016, then gradually goes to 90% by 2020
  • 2 billion dollars will be returned to Nebraska from the federal government to fund this program that will otherwise be given to other states
  • Thousands of good paying medical jobs will be created throughout Nebraska

Make your voices be heard. Contact your state senators TODAY! Tell them to save lives by voting YES on LB 887.

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