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Paying for the Climate Change Pivot

This article by John Feffer and Emily Schwartz Greco was published under the title, “Paying for the Climate Change Pivot” in Foreign Policy in Focus, a project of the Institute for Policy Studies, which has been a trusted resource for Nebraskans for Peace for 40 years.

We only have a few decades to deal with climate change.

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Take Part in Raising NE Minimum Wage

The following message is a plea by Better Wages Nebraska to get petitioners to help raise the minimum wage in Nebraska. Please take a moment to read their words and find a way to do your part.

The campaign to raise the minimum wage in Nebraska has officially launched, and we want you to be involved. We are working hard every day to reach Nebraskans and gather the signatures to put a minimum wage increase on the November 2014 election.

Here's how you can get involved:

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Give to Lincoln Day May 29, 2014

Nebraska Peace Foundation will be a part of Give to Lincoln Day again this year. That special day is Thursday, May 29th. All donations to Nebraska Peace Foundation will be increased by a promotional fund at Lincoln Community Foundation added to each donation. Last year the percentage added to each donation to NPF was approximately 11%.

There are a few differnt ways to donate. You can donate on-line through Razoo or by writing a check to Lincoln Community Foundation and then mailing that check to the Nebraskans for Peace office (941 O Street, Suite 1026, Lincoln, NE 68508). On your check be sure to indicate on the “Item” or “For” line the name of Nebraska Peace Foundation. All checks received prior to May 29th at the NFP office will be held and hand carried to Lincoln Community Foundation on May 29th. Do not mail your check to Lincoln Community Foundation.

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Reduce Pentagon Spending and End the Afghanistan War

The following URGENT ACTION request was sent to us from our national affiliate organization, Peace Action. Please take a moment to contact your local representative so we can do what it takes to reduce Pentagon spending and end the Afghanistan War.

Every year Congress has two chances to reduce Pentagon waste through the appropriations and authorization bills. Next week the House will vote on its version of the National Defense Authorization Act.

Email your Representative now to reduce Pentagon spending.

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From Coal to Clean in Hallam, NE

Sheldon Station is an aging coal-fired power plant constructed in 1958 near Hallam, NE. It is the biggest polluter in Lancaster County and changing environmental regulations make continuing operations at Sheldon Station uneconomical. 

Nebraskans overwhelmingly support developing wind energy in our state and communities reap of the benefits of wind development.

It's time to tell our public power leaders that Nebraska wins when we develop clean, renewable energy.

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