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Give to Lincoln Day 2015

Nebraska Peace Foundation will be a part of Give to Lincoln Day again this year! That special day is Thursday, May 28th.

If you donate to the Nebraska Peace Foundation on Give to Lincoln Day, that donation will be worth even more! We will receive your donation plus a proportional share of the $300,000 challenge match pool. Anyone, anywhere can participate!

There are a few differnt ways to donate. You can donate on-line through Razoo or by writing a check to Lincoln Community Foundation and then mailing that check to the Nebraskans for Peace office (941 O Street, Suite 1026, Lincoln, NE 68508). On your check be sure to indicate on the “Item” or “For” line the name of Nebraska Peace Foundation. All checks received prior to May 28th at the NFP office will be held and hand carried to Lincoln Community Foundation on May 28th. If you are in the Lincoln area, gifts will also be accepted in person during regular business hours at the Lincoln Community Foundation, 215 Centennial Mall South.

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TAKE ACTION | Time to Improve Our Relations with Cuba

Congress needs to take action to improve our country's relations with Cuba. The President can't do it alone. We need to push Congress to do the right thing.

The two things Congress needs to do is end the travel ban and lift the trade embargo. Contact your congress members and representatives and ask them to support legislation to do these things. Click HERE to find your Nebraska congress members and representatives.

Bipartisan bills have been introduced to accomplish these goals. Senate Bill S 299 and its counterpart House Bill HR 664 both titled “Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act of 2015” remove the travel restrictions. To lift the trade embargo five Senators from both parties have introduced Senate Bill S 491 titled the “Freedom to Export to Cuba Act of 2015.”

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Wealth Rules the World (Is There Really Any Doubt Anymore?)

by Hendrik Van den Berg, UNL Economics Professor

We like to believe that we have a democracy and that our votes ultimately decide important social and economic issues. People in other so-called democracies like to think the same thing. But, increasingly, observant citizens of Greece, France, Holland, the United States and elsewhere are beginning to see their democracies as little more than shams to keep citizens occupied and quiet while the real rulers consolidate their power. Who are these ‘rulers’? Here are several recent developments that clearly expose their identity.

Greeks vote for change, but they end up with more of the same

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Action Alert on Iran Nuclear Agreement

The successful completion of the first round of the negotiations between Iran and the six-member-nation group (Russia, China, United Kingdom, Germany, France and US) to encourage Iran to use its nuclear capacity for peaceful purposes is a source of considerable satisfaction to Nebraskans for Peace and to almost all peace organizations that have followed these critical talks. The proliferation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East -- beginning with Israel's now-acknowledged nuclear stockpile and the threat of Iran and the Sunni great powers acquiring such devastating WMD -- cannot but lead to unfortunate consequences for the Middle East and the world. We urge our U.S. Senators, Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse, to cease from spreading misinformation about Iran’s nuclear capacity, such as that Iran is within a month of developing a nuclear bomb and that it has the ICBM capacity to reach the United States. These assertions, promoted by self-interested Middle Eastern powers -- especially Israel -- and repeated by some of our national legislators from Nebraska, have never been validated by the CIA, and the scholarly Arms Control Association absolutely dismisses them (Arms Control Association Issue Briefs Volume 7, Issue 2, January 23, 2015). We ask that our U.S. Senators not only withdraw all irresponsible assertions of this kind, but that they also remove their signatures on the Sen. Tom Cotton letter threatening to undermine the negotiations -- a letter that Major General Paul D. Eaton has described as “mutinous.” Please write to your Senators at the following addresses:

Sen. Deb Fischer
383 Russell Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20510

Sen. Ben Sasse
B40E Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
402-476-1400 (Lincoln)

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