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VICTORY: Nebraska Becomes the 19th US State to Abolish the Death Penalty!

By Christy Hargesheimer, Nebraska resident and Nebraska State Death Penalty Action Coordinator for Amnesty International USA

Wow, who would have thought it possible? Red-state Nebraska (with a few purple splotches) actually has repealed the death penalty by voting to override the Governor’s veto! And who were the people responsible for finally pushing this through? A strong coalition of abolitionists, plus some unlikely suspects, that’s who.

First, a little bit of history: Nebraska was the first state to legislatively abolish the death penalty in the modern era, in 1979, but the bill failed to survive the governor’s veto. Subsequently, we saw three executions in the 1990’s, the last one being in 1997.

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ACT NOW! Death Penalty Repeal Bill Vetoed

Nebraskans for Peace, along with Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, is urging you to please contact your representative TODAY. We want to thank those that supported repeal and ask them to see repeal through to the end by overriding the Governor’s veto. Ask those who voted against repeal to reconsider and to support the veto override on LB 268.
The following message is from our friends at NADP.

Today, Governor Ricketts followed through on his promise and vetoed the bill to repeal the death penalty. Senators must now vote once more to override the veto; we need at least 30 votes to do so. The Senators have been carefully thinking about this issue, and listening to feedback from their constituencies throughout this process – that is still the case. Please help us override the veto by contacting your Senator with this Action Alert. The email will be tailored to how your Senator voted, so you can easily thank them or ask them to reconsider. After emailing your Senator, please share this alert with your friends and family, and then consider calling your Senator or sending a handwritten note for additional impact.

The veto override vote could be heard as early as tomorrow - we won't know for sure until the schedule is published. Check this page later today to see if they've published the agenda for tomorrow. Consider coming to the Capitol to watch the debate and show your support. Thank you all for your continuous advocacy for repeal of the death penalty. You’ve helped us come to the threshold of a historic vote in Nebraska!

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Give to Lincoln Day 2015

Nebraska Peace Foundation will be a part of Give to Lincoln Day again this year! That special day is Thursday, May 28th.

If you donate to the Nebraska Peace Foundation on Give to Lincoln Day, that donation will be worth even more! We will receive your donation plus a proportional share of the $300,000 challenge match pool. Anyone, anywhere can participate!

There are a few differnt ways to donate. You can donate on-line through Razoo or by writing a check to Lincoln Community Foundation and then mailing that check to the Nebraskans for Peace office (941 O Street, Suite 1026, Lincoln, NE 68508). On your check be sure to indicate on the “Item” or “For” line the name of Nebraska Peace Foundation. All checks received prior to May 28th at the NFP office will be held and hand carried to Lincoln Community Foundation on May 28th. If you are in the Lincoln area, gifts will also be accepted in person during regular business hours at the Lincoln Community Foundation, 215 Centennial Mall South.

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How many more Freddie Grays?

How many more Freddie Grays must there be before racial profiling and police brutality are taken seriously by lawmakers?

The End Racial Profiling Act of 2015 (ERPA) was introduced in Congress just last month. This bill has been introduced and failed twice before at the hands of politicians who don't see the problem with racial profiling.

We can't afford to let another year go by without the critical protections this bill provides.

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