Archive: 12/2015

The Nation State Is a Very Obsolete Idea

by Paul Olson, President Emeritus

Recently the BBC quoted Czech conservative, Alex Tomsky: “The nation state as originally conceived has no place at the end of the 20th century, let alone in the 3rd millennium—The nation state is a very obsolete idea… I see the nation state as stemming from nationalism, from the idea of a homogeneous society with a leader, with an authority, with a particular slant to history and ideology… I don’t think it is a positive force. After all it’s caused two world wars in Europe.” Other ‘authorities’ have disputed Tomsky’s kind of notion, especially the Chronicle of Higher Education, and pundits who point to new European nations (e.g. Kosovo and Macedonia) or recent Russian nationalism as contrary evidence.

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LOVAL VIEW | Tears Show Why We Need COOL

by Sally Herrin
Lincoln Journal Star

This time of year, nothing brings a tear to the eye like a suffering child. Think Tiny Tim and the Little Match Girl. Some Christian faiths celebrate the Feast of the Holy Innocents on December 28, the Fourth Day of Christmas, to remember the massacre of children--some call them the First Martyrs--by King Herod in his attempt to kill the infant Jesus.

The news that much of the shrimp we eat is processed using child slave labor in Southeast Asia has our attention. Wonkette said it nicely yesterday: Your Never-Ending Olive Garden Shrimp Bowl Sauteed In Never-Ending Child-Slave Tears.

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The Advent of Climate Crime

By Bruce E. Johansen

President Obama rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline. You know that, of course.

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The Famine in Our Future

The holidays have traditionally been a time of feasting with family and friends.

The biggest concern most of us have ever had to contend with when we gather for these holiday feasts is that we’ll overeat and put on unwanted pounds.

Those days of happy, carefree indulgence though are numbered…

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