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Nebraska Peace Foundation Climate Resolution on Berkshire Hathaway 2016 Meeting Agenda

Normally, the only time you hear about Nebraskans for Peace’s 501(c)(3) charitable foundation is during a fundraising drive when we’re seeking tax-deductible contributions to support NFP’s educational work. But this past month, the Nebraska Peace Foundation made some big news of its own.

Following on NFP’s 2013 ‘appeal’ urging Warren Buffett to use his financial celebrity to rally international action on climate change, in early 2014 the Nebraska Peace Foundation purchased an ‘A-Class Share’ of Berkshire Hathaway stock with the intention of submitting a shareholder resolution on this global environmental peril. The idea of using the shareholder resolution process to draw attention to the climate change issue wasn’t original. Newground Social Investment/Investor Voice SPC of Seattle, Washington had submitted a resolution calling for Berkshire Hathaway to calculate its carbon footprint at the 2014 shareholders meeting. Corporate regulations however required that new investors like the Nebraska Peace Foundation hold a share for a full year before the November resolution submission deadline to be eligible to submit a proposal. By just two months, the Foundation missed the eligibility window for the 2015 shareholders meeting.

This past November though, former NFP president and current Nebraska Peace Foundation board member Mark Vasina (who worked on Wall Street as a regulator in the 1990s) drafted and submitted a shareholder resolution asking Berkshire Hathaway (BH) to evaluate and report on the climate change risks faced by its insurance division. The resolution was modeled on the Bank of England’s recommendation to its regulated insurance companies, which followed publication of an extensive report on climate change threats to the industry.

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NFP Resolution on the Violence-Prone Tenor of the Presidential Candidates

The Nebraskans for Peace State Board has issued the following statement in support of a more rational presidential campaign. It is our hope that the primary campaign in Nebraska will be conducted in an orderly and respectful manner, consonant with the goals of our organization:

Nebraskans for Peace is appalled by the surging violence in this campaign. The idea behind elections is that all parties listen to the evidence and arguments of each candidate and make a rational decision as to what is best for the common good. The idea of allowing protests is that we make our best decisions when we are confronted by arguments on both sides of an idea, together with the evidence for the arguments. We denounce the tone and tenor of many of the election rallies, especially the advice by some of the candidates that people in the audience should smash the faces of those who oppose them, the throwing out of opponents from meetings, the appeals to racism, sexism, and xenophobia, and the efforts to pit groups of Americans against each other. We call on all candidates to ask their supporters to speak moderately, rationally, and peacefully in debates – private and public – about U.S. policy and to respect the human rights and capacity for rational discourse of other human beings, even those who disagree with us. Nebraskans for Peace is the oldest state wide peace organization in the country, and the tenor of this election opposes everything we stand for.

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Editorial | State Needs Climate Committee

Please call your state senator and urge them to support LR 455, a resolution which would establish a special legilative committee to develop a strategic plan to help Nebraska adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Also urge your senator to support the original language of the resolution, designating the chairs of all of the legisture standing committees to serve on this special Climate Action Commmittee--- and not the amendment that would allow for the appointment of at large members chosen from the 49 members of the legislature.

By the Journal Star Editorial Board

After the hottest year on record for global temperatures, it’s certainly appropriate that the Legislature appoint a special legislative committee to help the state prepare for the future.

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We Mustn’t Forget the Revolutionary Roots of International Women’s Day

By Rebecca Winson

Now marked with Google doodles and special shopping displays, in the early 20th century, International Women's Day was a fierce, worldwide campaign for worker's rights.

International Women’s Day: a day, according to the UN, to “reflect on progress made”, to “celebrate acts by ordinary women”. Few would say that it fails to do this. Last year Google marked it with a doodle, and there were events from streets marches to window displ of Selfridges, who marked it with a short film showing famous female designers and presenters.

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2016 Nebraska Democratic Presidential Caucuses March 5

The 2016 Nebraska Democratic Presidential Caucuses are this coming Saturday, March 5. With Nebraska being such a solid Republican rampart in presidential general elections, the presidential caucuses are pretty much the only venue in which Democratic voters in the state get to have their voices heard.

Nebraskans for Peace has not endorsed either of the two remaining Democratic candidates in the race: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. As background information for our NFP members who are registered Democrats, however, we are reproducing below the statement of Peace Action (the nation's oldest and largest Peace & Justice organization) on the 2016 presidential campaign. This statement is for your information only and is not an endorsement of Bernie Sanders as we are a 501 (c) (4) organization.

Stands on the issues are of course only one of a number of factors that may come into play when voters are choosing a presidential candidate -- national electoral appeal and sufficient access to campaign resources being two obvious others. But given the political stakes of this election, the decision Americans make for our next commander-in-chief could not be more crucial.

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