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Trump’s Climate-change Denial Makes a Miserable Future More Likely

By Bruce E. Johansen, Frederick W. Kayser Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the author of the forthcoming Climate Change: An Encyclopedia of Science, Society, and Solutions.

If carbon dioxide had a sense of humor, it would get a monstrous laugh out of Donald Trump’s two-word dismissal of it: “Chinese hoax.” Now that our incoming president, as well as the majority of the House and Senate, are in full-blown denial of climate change, its main causal agent would be rolling in the aisles. Trump even wants to withdraw from the Paris accords on climate change as the rest of the world’s 190 nations seek solutions to this existential threat that, over time, will imperil more people, plants, and animals than any other on Earth. Already, the last three years have set succeeding higher temperature records world-wide by large margins.

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Two-Headed Hydra

Top-down Nuclear Re-armament Meets Bottom-up Conservative Populism
by Loring Wirbel 

Loring Wirbel of “Citizens for Peace in Space” in Colorado Springs was the featured speaker for the 2016 Lantern Float commemorating the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at Lincoln’s Holmes Lake August 6. The article below is a combination of his remarks at the Lantern Float and a longer public presentation he made during his visit to Nebraska.

On August 8, following my recent visit to Lincoln for the Hiroshima commemoration, the New York Times used a lead editorial to chide the Obama Administration for throwing away the aims of the President’s 2009 speech supporting nuclear disarmament, in favor of the “Strategic Force Modernization Plan,” which would spend close to $1 trillion through 2040 to modernize all three legs of the strategic nuclear triad. The editorial was one of the first major mainstream-media acknowledgements of a program that had moved into production in midsummer with scarcely a notice from the press or public.

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