Archive: 12/2017

When it comes to climate, timing is everything...

Three Years to Safeguard Our Climate

by Marilyn McNabb
Citizens Climate Lobby activist & former Lincoln Electric System Board Member

The “Three Years to Safeguard Our Climate” report came out in June to address the July G20 Summit. Its lead signer was Christiana Figueres, the UN’s climate change chief during the achievement of the Paris Agreement. The good news, it said, was that the temperature goals of the Paris agreement were still possible if global emissions begin to fall by 2020. But if emissions rise or remain level, then probably not. As Skeptical Science put it, the point of the report is that “the window of opportunity for meaningful action is fast closing and we have about three years left.” A second report titled “Well Under 2 Degrees Celsius” came out in September with exactly the same conclusion.

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Five Big Lies About Trump’s So-Called Tax Reform

by Sally Herrin

How do you engineer the creation of a Third World Country? You colonize a previously sustainable society, concentrate its resources and means of production into the hands of a few of your friends, and create the kind of chaos that keeps the mass of people taking their grief out on one another. Trump and his cohort are intent on breaking this country down, then parceling it out as further chaos ensues. This is the Great Truth, manifest to anyone paying attention. And as always, selling out a society begins with an official narrative based on Big Lies.

The GOP has a tremendous amount at stake on tax reform legislation. Republicans risk ending the year with nothing much accomplished but utter failure on health care reform. And just because Trump’s tax reform package is awful and unfair doesn’t mean it can’t pass. So far the right-wing hardliners who helped sink ACA repeal (because it did not go far enough) have not indicated they have any problem with letting the foxes party in the hen house.

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