Archive: 02/2018

We Stand United

by Krista Burks
NFP State Board Member

“There was a need and I physically could no longer sit there and do nothing.” These are the words spoken by Kjerstin Egger, the woman behind the activist group “We Stand United.” She is talking about the heavy emotions that were almost tangible the day after the Presidential Election.

Kjerstin is a ‘Family Engagement Specialist’ at Community Action and works closely with immigrant families. With her background in Human Services, she made the decision that her skills would not go to waste in a time where she saw fear and sadness in the eyes of the families she works with—not to mention the hopelessness in the eyes of friends and even strangers who seemed to be looking for some kind of comfort and productive outlet after hearing presidential speeches with rhetoric that made even some conservatives question their freedom.

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Husker Power Plan

Clean Energy for a Brighter Tomorrow

by Duane Hovorka, former Executive Director of the Nebraska Wildlife Federation


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