Nebraska Peace Foundation Climate Resolution on Video

The Nebraska Peace Foundation climate resolution was presented to Warren Buffet at the 2016 Berhshire Hathaway Shareholders meeting on April, 30, 2016. We were honored by Dr. James Hansen, world famous climate scientist, speaking on our behalf, and on behalf of our next generation. The meeting was livestreamed and a video is available until the end of May 2016. Please watch Mark Vasina, former treasurer of the Nebraska Peace Foundation, introduce the resolution and then hear Dr. Hansen explain the importance. Following the official presentation were crucial comments from Jim Jones of the Katie School of Insurance at Illinois State University, Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska, other shareholders and final comments by Richard Miller of Creighton University. This part of the video can be found at 6:43:10. 

The video can be found HERE

The following video was made by BOLD Nebraska of the shareholders meeting. Please sign the petition and together let's get Warren Buffet to support rooftop solar energy!

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