Black-White Dialogues on Race

Elaine Wells
NFP Omaha Chapter

When you see news about extreme poverty, the 50+% dropout rate, and deadly violence in North Omaha, do you wonder why it persists and what you could do about it? Would you like to widen your circle and get to know some delightful individuals you might not even meet in your regular routine?

Participants in Black-White Dialogues learn from experts about the roots of racial tensions; how institutions, policies and even unintentional prejudice perpetuate racism; what is being done to improve education and medical care for all; how to be an effective agent of change, and other topics.

Many other projects exist, but what is unique about BWD is the opportunity to get the facts from experts, then share with individuals on a meaningful one-to-one basis over a period of 6 weeks. We also discuss our new awareness in the larger group, and consider how to implement positive change in our community.  

The purpose of Black-White Dialogues is to create mutual understanding and respect between Black and White individuals, and to help eliminate racism from the grassroots up by sponsoring Dialogues in various areas of Omaha every Spring and Fall. Two successful series of Dialogues have already opened new vistas of awareness and created many Black-White friendships. We plan to offer another 6-week series in September-October, 2010.

But let's not stop with just Black/White Dialogues... How about 'Hispanic/White Dialogues' and 'Native American/White Dialogues'? The possibilities for breaking down barriers and fostering new opportunities are endless. Wherever you live in Nebraska, there are cultures and populations that need to get to know each other better to create the neighborhoods and communities we all want.

More information is available at or by calling Elaine Wells at 402-573-1702.

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