Lincoln on Education: Choosing Nebraska Values

by Sally Herrin

I'm not from here. People used to say, when I expressed certain strongly held opinions, She's not from here. I come from the South where we say, Bless her heart. Both comments mean the same thing: They know not what they do.

I am Nebraskan by choice. I came to attend UNL in 1976 and fell in love with this place. I have made Nebraska my home these forty years. I raised a child here, and I own one home in South Lincoln for now and another in Wyuka Cemetery for later. You could say I'm all in.

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The Dakota Access Pipeline

by Matthew Gregory

“Humble yourself” was what Wyatt Nelson heard while he was living and working in the encampment near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. The Standing Rock Sioux Nation and thousands of native and non-native allies are there to protest the Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). It was advice he said he took to heart during his time at what he said could best be described as a “Prayer Resistance Camp”.

The Seven Council Fires of the Sioux Nation, which represents all Sioux groups, has come together for the first time since 1876. “Finally, for the first time in history, over centuries, somebody is listening to us,” Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II told Democracy Now! “We’ve been talking about this for almost two years now... This pipeline... not only threatens our water, it threatens our heritage, it threatens our culture, it threatens our environment.”

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Banking on Racism

by A’Jamal-Rashad Byndon
NFP Board Member 

We recently received a phone call from an official of our bank (Great Western Bank) at our home. He talked with my wife about a recent cashier’s check that we’d purchased at the bank for payment for replacing the roof on our home. The roof was replaced in October 2016. The contractor had asked that I pay him with a cashier’s check.

The conversation with my wife and the banker was about whether we knew the contractor who had a Spanish first and last name. She told this banker that she knew the contractor and that she was not home when I paid him for replacing the roof. She directed him to talk with me about it. When initially talking with this banker about the transaction, I thought there was something wrong with the cashier check. He assured me that was not the problem. He said the Spanish-named contactor had a common name and asked if I knew him. I told him that he had replaced our roof about five years ago, and this was my second time doing business with him.

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Call for Sheridan County Residents to Voice Dissent Over Whiteclay Practices

The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission (NLCC) voted 3 - 0 to require all four beer stores in Whiteclay to re-apply for their licenses via the “long form.” Their decision requires the stores to apply as if they are applying for new licenses. This requirement opens the avenue to letters of protest to the NLCC by Sheridan County residents against the issuance of the licenses. In order for letters of protest to be heard, a total of at least three individuals must write them. We Whiteclay Activists are looking for three Sheridan County residents who would be willing to write letters of protest.

The Sheridan County Board is the first approval step in the “long-form” process. Each board member has the option to recommend approval, rejection, or to remain neutral. We Whiteclay activists are hoping for either rejection or neutrality in the board’s decision. After the applications are in, the County Board has 45 days to forward their decision to the NLCC. The NLCC is not required to follow their decision. Even if the County Board recommends denial of the licenses, it is still imperative to file the three letters of protest. We are looking for Sheridan County residents to voice their opposition. If you know people that live in Sheridan County, please pass this request on to them!

Again, are any of you or do any of you know a resident of Sheridan County? Please inform the State Office of Nebraskans for Peace or Bill Laird at

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Message from John Maisch and Frank LaMere about Whiteclay

The following message is from our friends Frank LaMere and John Maisch. We hope you will attend one or more of the events listed to help bring justice to the victims in Whiteclay and the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 

It is a pretty big step to have the Lincoln Journal Star's Editorial Board call on the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission to revoke Whiteclay's four beer store licenses rather than the half-measures proposed by Whiteclay's beer store owners and others:

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