Turn Your Worry About Climate Change into Hope

by Mark Welsch, Co-Leader of Citizens’ Climate Lobby-Omaha Chapter
& NFP Omaha Coordinator

A great opportunity is coming up for you to make a big difference to help stop global warming from getting much worse. Yes, you can help stop it! Just a few minutes of your time will help over a thousand of us who will be lobbying your member of Congress (MOC) in Washington, D.C. on June 13th—to urge them to take action on passing a revenue-neutral law to tax fossil fuels and pay people all of that money. This is the single most tactic for halting global warming in our lifetimes.

To change your worry about global warming and climate change into hope, join us by taking the following easy, quick and influential actions:

  1. Add the phone numbers for your Members of Congress into your cell phone or cut them out and tape them to your refrigerator (They are on P. 7 of this newspaper.)
  2. Make a note on your calendar to call all three of them on Friday, June 9th to urge them to listen closely to the volunteers who will be in their D.C. offices on Tuesday, June 13th, and support our plan to pass a revenue-neutral law to tax carbon and pay people the money collected from the tax.
  3. Between now and June 9th, talk about this with your friends and family to find three other people who will join you in making three short phone calls on Friday, June 9th.
  4. From  June 9th-June 13, call all three of your members of Congress. It will take you less than ten minutes and will help A LOT!
  5. Call your three friends to tell them what happened when you called your MOC and talk about their calls.

This year we’d like to take the call-in day to a new level. We will send a text action alert to everyone signed up to receive them, and an email to every one of our supporters early on June 9th. Sign up here: http://citizensclimatelobby.org/text/

To make it easy and to track the number of calls we’re generating, we encourage you to use the online action tool on Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s website that is specifically set up for the June 9th call-in. It is here: https://citizensclimatelobby.org/call-congress-to-act-on-climate/#/38/

We all know that bipartisan support is critical to the success of getting a tax on carbon. Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s plan is a lot like the one proposed by the conservative Climate Leadership Council with members from past Republican presidential cabinets including: James Baker; Henry Paulson, Jr.; Martin Feldstein; and George Shultz.

Both plans will add a small fee on fossil fuels based on the amount of carbon dioxide it produces when burned. That fee will increase every year. All of this money will be paid to the people in the U.S. every month on a per-person basis. This will protect low- and middle-income people from the higher prices the fee will create, by paying us as much or more than the higher prices take from us.

Nebraskans for Peace created three Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapters about five years ago when we brought Mark Reynolds, CCL’s leader, to be our keynote speaker at our Annual Peace Conference. There are now five Nebraska chapters.

Please, for the sake of humankind, join us by making three calls, sending three emails, or both on June 9th.

It isn’t just your great-grandchildren who will thank you. It’s your family, neighbors and Nebraska farmers today. As you know, climate change isn’t just a future problem. It is impacting us right here, right now.


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