Congress Should Deliberate on Syria

The following letter to the editor was published in the Omaha World-Herald "Public Pulse" on Sunday, September 1, 2013. We strongly urge you to contact your elected officials and demand a full congressional debate before a decision to go to war is made. Click HERE to find contact information for Nebraska elected officials.

Nebraskans for Peace firmly believes in the rule of law, both American constitutional law and international law.

There is no urgency that we attack Syria. The U.N. inspector’s report has not even been issued. The United Nations has not yet debated the situation. The Obama administration has presented no evidence that the Bashar al-Assad regime threatens U.S. territory anytime soon.

The Arab League has declined to back a retaliatory military strike. The British will not support us. What is the rush?

Any decision on Syria requires the U.N. inspector’s report, a U.N. debate and a convening of Congress for a full debate prior to a declaration of war. Members of our Nebraska congressional delegation recently urged a go-slow approach on Syria. We applaud them.

We ask that they further demand a full congressional debate on war and a vote in full session, not backstage consultations with a few handpicked congressional leaders.

Paul A. Olson, Lincoln
Anti-War Committee
Nebraskans for Peace

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