From Coal to Clean in Hallam, NE

Sheldon Station is an aging coal-fired power plant constructed in 1958 near Hallam, NE. It is the biggest polluter in Lancaster County and changing environmental regulations make continuing operations at Sheldon Station uneconomical. 

Nebraskans overwhelmingly support developing wind energy in our state and communities reap of the benefits of wind development.

It's time to tell our public power leaders that Nebraska wins when we develop clean, renewable energy.

It's time to shut down this old, inefficient coal plant, invest in wind and provide a transition employment plan for the plant's 80-person work force to protect the livelihoods of these dedicated employees.

The Center for Rural Affairs along with filmaker Kat Schiffler of Lincoln made the below video on Sheldon Station, a coal-fired power plant just south of Lincoln.

Nebraskans spend about $203 per person each year on coal.

It’s important to consider the other costs that coal creates - we have to worry about the impact that coal has on our health and environment.

Pollution from coal is linked to several serious health conditions: asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Coal also affects our natural resources and wildlife: pollution from coal threatens air and water quality, and can cause significant harm to local wildlife.



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