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There has never been a better time, in the history of this great country, to be for Peace. By working together through an established Peace & Justice organization, our voices can be heard and we can make a difference. The Peacemakers are the majority, and we're gaining momentum.

NFP is unique in what it has to offer. We’re an Institution. Founded in 1969, NFP has earned a national reputation for its work on behalf of Peace & Justice. We have our own tax-deductible foundation, the Nebraska Peace Foundation, and our own political action committee, the Nebraskans for Peace PAC, to complement our educational and political activities.

We’ve got a Statewide Network with over 1,000 members distributed across the state, with numerous local chapters and staffed offices in Lincoln and Omaha. We sponsor educational events, issue campaigns, speaker tours, and lobbying and fact-finding trips. Our organizational newspaper, the Nebraska Report, is published six times a year with a circulation of 6,500. 

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