I hope you have made plans to participate in Give to Lincoln Day for a gift to Nebraska Peace Foundation.

If you are planning to give on-line at, you can make you contribution anytime on or before May 16, just be sure to specify the date for the donation to be “A Giving Day.”

There are many reasons to choose Nebraska Peace Foundation as the organization you donate to, here are just a few. You would be supporting our educational efforts on the many priority issues that we work on. Here are some of the issues we focus on:

I. Turn Off the Violence: Opposing the Culture of Violence at Home

II. Anti-War & International Law

III. StratCom & Nuclear Weapons

IV. Civil Rights & Economic Justice

V. Environment

Within these priorities we work on gun control, anti-violence in the schools, ending violence against women on Whiteclay, human-trafficking in Nebraska. We educate about the drone attacks, the treat of bombing Iran, the military spending and federal budget. We keep people informed about the on-going threat of STRATCOM right in our own backyard. We are still working to end alcohol sales in Whiteclay, NE, immigration reform. We also work to raise awareness about the many issues involved in climate change. For instance, the military’s role in climate degradation, the climate crisis and the importance of renewable energy are all places we put our efforts in.

If you think these are important issues too, please consider making a donation to the Nebraska Peace Foundation.

If you are planning to send a donation to the Nebraskans for Peace office, we hope you have mailed it by now. If not, then please mail it in the next day or two to assure reaching the office by May 15th. We thank all that have already sent in your gifts. These will be hand carried to the Lincoln Community Foundation on May 16th.

Please consider supporting Peace and Justice education through Nebraskans for Peace.

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