Give to Lincoln Day May 26, 2016

Nebraska Peace Foundation will be a part of Give to Lincoln Day again this year! That special day is this Thursday, May 26th!

If you donate to the Nebraska Peace Foundation on Give to Lincoln Day, that donation will be worth even more! We will receive your donation plus a proportional share of the $300,000 challenge match pool. Anyone, anywhere can participate!

There are a few differnt ways to donate. You can donate on-line through Razoo or by writing a check to Lincoln Community Foundation and then bringing that check to the Nebraskans for Peace office (941 O Street, Suite 1026, Lincoln, NE 68508). On your check be sure to indicate on the “Item” or “For” line the name of Nebraska Peace Foundation. All checks received prior to May 26th at the NFP office will be held and hand carried to Lincoln Community Foundation on May 26th. If you are in the Lincoln area, gifts will also be accepted in person during regular business hours at the Lincoln Community Foundation, 215 Centennial Mall South.

Do not mail your check to Lincoln Community Foundation.

It should be understood that you are making a contribution to Lincoln Community Foundation and they in turn write a check to the charity you have designated on your check’s lower left-hand line usually marked Item or For. You will receive an acknowledgement from Lincoln Community Foundation of the amount of your donation and that it was for the charity you designated. This acknowledgement will provide your proof to the IRS that you have made a charitable donation to a tax-deductible organization.

The minimum donation through Razoo or Lincoln Community Foundation is $10.00.

As the President of Nebraskans for Peace, I want to encourage your support of both Give to Lincoln Day and our Foundation. What better way is there to receive extra dollars for peace education work than to make your donation go farther on this special day, May 26th. If you have any questions, please call the office at (402) 475-4620 in Lincoln.

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