A Great Holiday Gift Suggestion

Membership in NFP is a badge of honor. After 40 years, we have about 1,800 members scattered across the state—which is impressive, when you consider that most Vietnam-era Peace & Justice groups don’t even exist anymore. We, though, need twice as many members if we are to be an effective force. 1,800 is just 1 in every 1,000 citizens in the state.

We have to double that number if we hope to be an influential voice in shaping Nebraska’s political debate on war, peace and justice. One surefire way to boost our member rolls this holiday season is with gift memberships to NFP.

You know other people who think as you do on NFP issues. This past year, for instance, I purchased ten memberships for friends who I believe to be prime ‘candidates’ for membership in‘the country’s oldest statewide Peace & Justice organization.’

Please consider giving 2-5 memberships to NFP in your holiday gift-giving.  At just $25 a piece for the ‘New Member’ rate, they’re a bargain for the money…

And your gift will help recruit more like-minded people to our cause, ensuring NFP’s future. This holiday season, give the gift of peace.

Give the gift of Nebraskans for Peace.

Best Wishes,
Paul Olson
Nebraskans for Peace President

P.S.  I have even given a few memberships to people residing outside Nebraska, and they have been appreciated.  Wherever we live, we’re all interested in making a better world and creating Peace on Earth.

Click here to purchase your gift memberships today!

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