Internationally Renowned Climate Scientist Dr. James Hansen is Coming to Omaha!

Dr. James Hansen, the world's most famous climate scientist, is coming to Omaha to deliver a free public lecture Friday evening April 29th at the Mike and Josie Harper Center on the Creighton University campus at 602 North 20th Street at 7:00 p.m. titled, “Energy and Climate Change: How Can Justice Be Achieved for Young People?”

Described by the Washington Post as “the world’s most famous climate scientist,” Hansen is the former director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and is credited with having detected thirty-five years ago that the burning of fossil fuels was creating a greenhouse effect and warming the planet.

The talk will focus on the inter-generational injustice of climate change and the harm climate disruption poses to our children and grandchildren.

As Dr. Hansen states, “Threats posed by human-made climate change are coming into focus as early stages of climate impacts are already beginning, including practically irreversible effects of sea level rise and species extermination. Other impacts include increasing regional climate extremes, which involve stronger heat waves, droughts and fires, on one hand, and heavier rainfall, more extreme floods and stronger storms on the other hand. These climate changes can create grave injustices of today’s adults to young people and future generations, of developed countries to developing countries, and of humans to all other species, if climate change is not mitigated via rapid reductions of fossil fuel emissions.”

In addition to speaking on Friday night, Dr. Hansen will be in Omaha Saturday, April 30, to speak at the 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting.

Hansen is attending the Berkshire Hathaway business meeting to speak in support of the shareholder resolution dealing with the risk climate change poses to the company’s profitability. The resolution, which was submitted by the Nebraska Peace Foundation, specifically addresses concerns over insurance liability and investment strategy. Hansen’s comments will focus on the need for urgent action to confront this climate peril and the need for bold leadership by the business community.

Dr. Hansen will also address a Saturday rally in front of the CenturyLink Center during the shareholder meeting lunch break organized by Bold Nebraska, the organization that spearheaded the opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline through the state. Referencing Warren Buffett’s invocation of “Noah’s Law” in his 2015 Shareholder Letter (“If an ark may be essential to survival, begin building it today, no matter how cloudless the skies appear.”), the rally participants will appeal to Mr. Buffett to lead the construction of the “Climate Ark.”

The Nebraska Peace Foundation owns an A-class share of Berkshire Hathaway Common Stock and is the 501(c)(3) affiliate of Nebraskans for Peace, the U.S.’s oldest statewide Peace & Justice organization.

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April 26th 2016

A Concerned Climate Champion - BNSF was awarded over $20 million from the Texas emissions reduction act to convert unregulated polluting locomotives to Tier 3&4 (in 2014) and they rejected the award. I know because I helped write the grant (didn't get paid a dime to do it) and they held off making a decision until a month ago. Someone should ask the investors why they would turn down such a huge return on investment for the people of Texas who suffer from poor air quality, our climate and their net present value by acquiring a new clean fleet @ over 80% of the project cost funded ?! Probably because their engine manufacturers of choice were about 4 years late In developing the technology to achieve Tier 4 emissions levels. Big business must put their pride, antiquated business philosophy, and good ol' boy mentality aside because You can't plant a few trees on earth day and call it a day for our climate. They were too glacial to act because they are resistant to investing in our environment our economy and engines of change. Then they apply for a grant with the South Coast AQMD two years later cause their buddies finally developed something that will scrape by and pass for tier 4. Our tax dollars & our world is being destroyed by bottom lines and closed minds. Free market competition - & investing in research and development are the only way out of this man made hot air ballon.