Kevin Martin to Speak in Omaha, Lincoln and Grand Island!

The president of America’s largest peace and justice organization will speak on the subject of “A Future of Care and Peacemaking or War and Waste? — The 2018 Federal Budget Debate” in Omaha on June 10, in Lincoln on June 11, and in Grand Island on June 12. Information for each event is below.

Kevin Martin is the national president of Peace Action, the country’s leading peace advocacy organization with 200,000 supporters nationwide, over 30 state level affiliates and over 100 local chapters.

The White House’s proposed 2018 Federal Budget calls for massive cuts in domestic services to boost Pentagon spending by ten percent over its already more than half a trillion-dollar total. Agriculture, education, social services, healthcare and the environment are all targeted for cutbacks to shift an additional $52 billion to a military budget that is presently larger than the next seven countries combined (several of which are America’s close allies). Fifty-two billion dollars exceeds the total amount Russia annually spends on its military.

Martin, whose comments have been featured in such celebrated publications as the New York Times and the Washington Post, is uniquely qualified to address the question of where our national security priorities should lie. In building a nation with affordable health care, clean air and water, good schools and a strong agricultural economy? Or in transferring our national wealth to a bloated Pentagon bureaucracy that can’t pass an audit and account for where the money it is already getting is going?

Regarding our national security, the case can even be made that such excessive military spending actually makes Americans and the world less safe. As Martin recently noted, “President Trump claims to be making progress on Middle East peace. Yet he is proposing a $110 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia, which is using U.S. armaments in the horrific war in Yemen—a conflict that has the country on the brink of famine and even greater unrest. Either the president can’t connect these dots, or he is once again selling short-term weapons corporations’ interests as ‘American’ interests, when we need longer-term sustainability and peace.”

Annual Rice and Beans Dinner Omaha
Please RSVP so we know how much rice to make 402-453-0776 or

WHEN: SATURDAY, June 10, 2017, 6:00PM
WHERE: Hanscom Park United Methodist Church, 4444 Frances St., Omaha (One Block South of 45th & Center Street)
* Please bring a food dish to share. Rice, drinks and place settings are provided.

A Future of Care and Peacemaking or War and Waste?-- The 2018 Federal Budget

Where: Rally on the West Side of the Nebraska Capitol, Lincoln, NE
When: June 11, 1:00 pm

Sponsors: United Nations Association-Nebraska, NFP, Lincoln Chapter of NFP, Friends Meeting of Lincoln, First United Methodist, NASW-Nebraska, Nebraskans for a Fair Federal Budget.


WHEN: June 12, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: Trinity United Methodist Church, 511 N Elm St, Grand Island, NE 68801 in the Gathering Place

This event is sponsored by the Central Nebraska Peace Workers and Nebraskans for Peace


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