Protect Nebraskans' Right to Vote

LB 239, the voter ID bill, could come up for floor debate as early as Monday.

Click HERE to find your state senator and email them TODAY!

LB239 requires voters to show a valid government-issued photo ID at the polls to vote in Nebraska elections. We know that the bill is expensive and fixes a problem we simply don’t have in Nebraska. We urge you to contact your state senator NOW and request that she/he OPPOSE LB239 for several reasons.

There has been no showing of any widespread or even sporadic incidents of voter fraud in Nebraska. The bill is a "solution" in search of a "problem."

It disproportionately affects low income, elderly, young and Nebraskans with disabilities. LB239 would negatively impact low-income Nebraskans. These Nebraskans are mobile. Requiring a new government-issued ID each time a person changes addresses is a burden, making it more difficult to vote. Many low-income elderly Nebraskans live in nursing homes and do not have a driver’s license. Requiring them to obtain a voter identification document would further burden them in exercising their right to vote.

LB239 could come up for floor debate as early as this Monday. We think the bill can be defeated, but we don’t want any state senator to have doubts about Nebraskans being opposed to voter ID.

Please email your state senator TODAY. Let them know you oppose any bill that infringes on Nebraskans’ constitutional right to vote.


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Protect our right to vote by contacting your state senator TODAY.

Click HERE to find your state senator and email then NOW.

Thank you for your opposition to this bill!

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