Lincoln Journal Star
Letter to the Editor-08/19/16

Jay Schmidt-Nebraskans for Peace Board Member

On Aug. 3, the Journal Star had an article entitled "Scientists on planet: Earth's fever rises.'" Yes, the world keeps setting new record high temperatures. We know that people have difficulty with the 100 plus degree temperatures, especially if there is high humidity. However, our food crops can't handle it either. Other factors brought on by global warming, such as drought and floods, are also destructive of our food supply.

If your child had a high fever and the fever kept going up, you wouldn't sit and twiddle your thumbs! You wouldn't listen to people with no medical education telling you not to worry or that the science on high fevers is not yet conclusive! That would be irresponsible and foolish.

However, that is what some people are doing with climate change. In the same issue of the paper is an article on the retirement of Dr. Don Wilhite of UNL and head of the Drought Mitigation Center ("Dr. Drought: Climate change is science, not religion," Aug. 3). He and his fellow climate scientists are the doctors who know how to diagnose and help our fever stricken world, caused by our over use of carbon based fuels.

Jay E. Schmidt, Lincoln

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