IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED Minimum Wage Bill to be Debated

Full-time minimum wage workers should not have to live in poverty.

The Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to begin debate as early as today on LB 943, a bill to raise the minimum wage in Nebraska.

• The current minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.
• LB 943 would raise the minimum wage in 2015 to $7.65 per hour, in 2016 to $8.35 per hour and in 2016 to $9.00 per hour.
• At the current minimum wage, a 40 hour a week worker earns $15,080 per year. This is below the federal poverty level for a family of 2.
• 32,000 hourly workers in Nebraska earned minimum wage in 2012.

Full time workers should be able to provide for themselves and their family. We need to raise the minimum wage to give thousands of Nebraskans a chance to lift themselves out of poverty.

Contact your senator today and tell them you support raising the minimum wage in Nebraska.

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Thank you!
Tessa Foreman
Nebraskans for Peace

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March 26th 2014

Karen Thompson - Would an additional $.40 cents take us out of the poverty level? As two senior citizens, we can't make it on our Social Security. Have gone through our 401K and savings and our income tax refund won't last long. I can't imagine a family of 4-6 being able to manage on a poverty level income. What is wrong with this country that it can't pay the working class what they are worth? It would seem that Big Business, Lobbyist, and government officials have "basic decency" in a stranglehold for their own insatiable GREED. God help the working poor of this nation; however, in the long run "this country" suffers.