New START Treaty Passed the U.S. Senate

Dear Colleagues,

The New Start treaty has just passed the U.S. Senate by a 71-26 vote. Both Senators from Nebraska, Nelson and Johanns, voted for the treaty. This is remarkable in a red, red state. It is a tribute to the efforts of the thousands of Nebraskans who have cared about nuclear reductions that our senators listened to us and voted for a future for the human race. There is now the possibility that we can, in the future, seek further reductions in our nuclear arms as well as a comprehensive ban on further nuclear testing. So often we who pursue peace have to announce that we have failed or that we believe our government officials to have voted against humankind's interests. They did not in this instance. We can rejoice at this vote. Celebrate. Please write to Johanns and Nelson to thank them.

Paul Olson, NFP President

P.S. The START Treaty vote is actually the second victory for Peace & Justice to come out of the lame duck Congress this week. This past Saturday Senator Ben Nelson voted with the majority to repeal the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' restriction on gays and lesbians serving in the military. Our own NFP State Board member, Nic Swiercek, was recognized by Grassroots Solutions for his organizing efforts on behalf of the passage of this landmark human rights legislation.

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December 24th 2010

Mark Welsch - Find the phone numbers for our Senators on NFP's website at See NFP Board member Nick Swiercek being congratulated by Nancy Pelosi at