Nebraskans for Peace Legislative Advocacy Wrap-up for 2014

Overall we had mixed success with our advocacy efforts this session, but we worked with others and succeeded in getting some of the most intractable measure passed, especially those relating to the judicial and correctional system, efforts to suppress the votes of minorities and young voters, and efforts to reduce significantly taxes on the rich. Here is a look at the measures we supported and opposed:

LB 464 – (Carried over from 2013 session) Make changes juvenile justice system concerning jurisdiction, services for juvenile offenders and their families, and truancy. (Supported) Passed

LB 485 – (Carried over from 2013 session) Prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. (Supported) Filibustered on the floor. Vote to end filibuster 26-22 (33 needed). Failed.

LB 662 – Require some Nebraska citizens to show government issued photo ID. (Opposed). Bill was not advanced out of committee

LB 669 and LB 1086 – transfer money from the Cash Reserve Fund for property tax relief (Opposed). Neither bill was advanced out of committee

LB 721 and LB 1097 – reduce income tax for upper tax brackets. (Opposed) Neither bill was advanced out of committee

LB 812 and LB 960 – eliminate or reduce inheritance tax. (Opposed) Neither bill was advanced out of committee

LB 887 – Create the Wellness in Nebraska Act to expand Medicaid. (Supported). Filibustered on the floor. Vote to end the filibuster 27-20 (33 needed). Failed

LB 907 – Correctional system reform – comprehensive reform including: establishment of re-entry program to assist individuals leaving correctional facilities; establishment of Vocational and Life Skills Training Program; requirement of Board of Parole to assist individual with transitional needs such as housing, employment, mental health services; and establishes the Nebraska Justice Reinvestment Working Group to work in with the Council of State Government Justice Center to evaluate ways to reduce recidivism, increase public safety and produce better outcomes of those involved in the justice system.(Supported) Passed

LB 932 – Ban public employers from asking about criminal history on initial job application. Amended into LB 907. (Supported) Passed

LB 943 – Raise the minimum wage. (Supported) Failed to advance from General File, vote 20-20 (25 votes needed) Failed

LB 956 – Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit Supported). Bill was not advanced out of committee

LB 999 – Correctional system reform. As amended – authorizes DHHS to look at feasibility of establishing a correctional behavioral health treatment center at the Hastings Regional Center. (Supported original bill and amended version). Passed

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