NFP Statement on U.S. Acts of Aggression

The United States movement toward what in any other time would be understood to be acts of war, in the destruction of the lives and property of members of sovereign nations, is not satisfactory. In recent days, we have had two acts of aggression, one the rocket bombing of Syria and the other the MOAB bombing of Afghanistan, without an invocation of the War Powers Act or a declaration of war. Presently, Mr. Trump is threatening to do “something about” North Korea without a public discussion or congressional action.

If our nation is to expect lawful behavior of its citizens, it must expect to obey is own constitution and international law. This implies action in conformity with the U. S. Constitution and the charter of the United Nations. Attacks on sovereign nations without lawful and visibly constitutional action prior, to give sanction to the attacks, no matter how nobly motivated supposedly these attacks are, take us outside of U.S. and international law and make us a nation of brute force rather than of laws. Please write to or call our leaders on this matter.

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