URGENT | Call the White House - NO U.S. Bombing of Syria

The White House is poised to begin a bombing attack of Syria in the next 24 hours. As even Republican Senator John McCain has stated however, it is unclear what we are hoping to do. President Obama has previously asserted that "Assad has to go," but now the administration says that its imminent attack on Syria is not aimed at regime change. But if it is not so aimed, what is the bombing's purpose? 

No one has yet defined how striking Syria will accomplish more than sanctions, diplomacy, and the pressure of international opinion to prevent further use of poison gas or further killing of civilians. Our missiles will also kill civilians, however much we claim that they are pinpointing 'bad guys.' Some administration officials have claimed that Syria is like Kosovo, but even if true, that is hardly a recommendation, as our intervention in Kosovo escalated into a 78-day, full-scale war against the Serbian people with mixed results.

The United Nations Security Council is not likely to approve this intervention and so the U.S. and its allies are likely to be going it alone as they did in Iraq with disastrous results.

Finally, the Constitution says that Congress is charged with declarations of war--and members of both the Senate and the House are publicly calling for discussions in their bodies before the White House takes us to war. Thirty-three Republicans in the House have signed a letter to this effect and Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee are calling for the same thing.

Ask the President to back off and urge your Washington representatives to hold a full public discussion before approving or disapproving this foolish war. The telephone lines to the White House are now jammed with calls protesting our likely military action. Please read the piece below from our affiliate organization, Peace Action, and add your voice to the calls telling President Obama No U.S. bombing of Syria. (For more information, click HERE to read the article titled Before You Conclude That 'Precision' Bombing Makes Sense With Syria ...)

With another apparent use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government against the rebels that has killed civilians, the White House seems poised to take military action in Syria. Call the White House comment line now at 202-456-1111 and say:

"I oppose military intervention and military support in Syria. I support massive efforts for a political solution and continued humanitarian aid."

Americans strongly oppose the use of troops in another war in the Middle East. The U.S. would likely seek NATO support in an air campaign with bombing and missile strikes. If the goal of the bombing was to destroy the capacity of the Syrian government to use chemical weapons, that will be hard to achieve. Experts believe that we do not have the intelligence of the location of all the chemical weapons.

Please call now, 202-456-1111, as the President may make decisions soon.

While arming the rebels may seem a sensible approach, not all the rebels are the same. In fact, some are supportive of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Additionally, providing military support is like throwing gasoline on the fire and does not encourage a political settlement, which is the only way the violence will end.

With over 100,000 deaths, 4 million people displaced from their homes and the likely use of chemical weapons, the U.S. does need to take urgent action. History proves that the military approach will not bring a solution. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey mentioned recently that the solution is not a military one.

Hence, the U.S. needs to continue working with Russia to hold the repeatedly delayed peace talks and must add all key regional actors to those talks. Other diplomatic avenues need to be traveled to produce a negotiated settlement. The U.S. should support the International Criminal Court in arresting those committing war crimes such as the use of chemical weapons. And lastly, continued humanitarian aid and aid to refugees is needed to assist civilians.

With the 50th anniversary of Peace Action supporter, Reverend Martin Luther King's "I have a dream speech" this week, we know the power of nonviolence. Only nonviolent acts will solve the conflict within Syria.

Call the President now at 202-456-1111.

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