Come to the Nebraska Public Power 'Open Houses'

Put the 'Public' back in Public Power. This is your chance to make the case for our clean energy future.

Monday, March 26 Gering Civic Center in Gering (2:00-8:00 p.m.)
Tuesday, March 27 Sandhills Convention Center in North Platte (2:00-8:00 p.m.)
Wednesday, April 25 Holiday Inn in Kearney (2:00-8:00 p.m.)
Thursday, April 26 Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln (2:00-8:00 p.m.)
Wednesday, May 2 Divots Conference Center in Norfolk (2:00-8:00 p.m.)

Your attendance is absolutely vital.

The investment decisions our state’s Public Power Districts make this year will determine Nebraska’s energy path for the next three decades.

And the choice is stark.

We’ll either embark on a course to develop Nebraska’s abundant clean wind and solar resources, efficiently reducing our consumption while creating jobs and wealth for communities all across the state…

Or we’ll continue relying on the dirtiest fossil fuel there is — shipping our utility dollars out of state to private corporations in Wyoming, exposing our citizens to respiratory and health disease, and continuing to emit greenhouse gas emissions that will disrupt the earth’s ecosystem, endangering every living thing.

Right now, our Public Power Districts are considering investing billions of dollars in retrofitting their aging fleet of coal plants. (NPPD has proposed spending $1.5 billion to keep its Gerald Gentleman plant in Sutherland operating for another 30-40 years.)

It’s absolutely vital that we compel them to instead invest in the development of Nebraska’s vast renewable energy reserves. Nebraska has the fourth-best wind energy potential in the U.S., and — with all our sunshine — massive solar capacity.

Instead of sending our utility bill dollars to Wyoming (and continuing to keep digging ourselves into a catastrophic environmental hole):

  • We could be creating jobs here in Nebraska, making our homes and businesses energy efficient (and reducing our overall energy demand)…
  • We could be investing in our own native renewable energy resources, creating economic development in our communities, particularly in the rural areas of the state… and
  • We could be dramatically reducing our own carbon footprint — and exporting clean energy to other states to help them reduce their carbon footprint…

Please make it a point to attend the ‘open house’ nearest you. This is our best opportunity to ‘weigh in’ on this issue before our Public Power officials make a decision this year.

Our Public Power Districts will be closely monitoring both the turn-out and the input from these ‘open houses’ before making their decision.

If we’re hoping to make Nebraska a national leader in clean energy development, this is our chance.

We simply cannot let Nebraska Public Power reinvest in coal and continue down the same track it’s been traveling the last 50 years.

Reinvesting billions of dollars in coal-fired generation will not only financially ‘lock in’ our Public Power Districts to this dirty fossil fuel for 30 years until the debt is retired, it will ‘lock out’ the development of renewable energy—because there will be no need for the additional power.

And with the carbon concentration in the atmosphere and water already above the safe level, we simply must stop doing ‘business-as-usual’ if we’re to avert catastrophic destruction of the climate and social chaos.

Historically, our Public Power officials have resisted the shift to clean energy.

We have to ‘push back’ now if we're to launch them on a new path.

Detailed below is the format Public Power is adopting for the ‘open houses.’ Nebraskans for Peace will be there, standing outside with our banner and literature, to help guide you through the process.

Mark the date on the calendar now, and come join us for just an hour.

For Nebraskans, there will be no more important decision about our future made in 2012.

NPPD Generation Options Analysis (GOA)
Spring 2012 Public Outreach Meetings

During March, April and May, NPPD will be hosting five open house-format meetings to present their potential electrical generation options. At each open house, NPPD will be gathering informal input from attendees. There will be nine specific stations with NPPD employees providing information and interacting with the public.

  1. A video with Pat Pope (NPPD CEO)
  2. Public Power
  3. Load Forecasting
  4. Environmental
  5. Fossil Generation
  6. Nuclear Generation
  7. Renewables
  8. Energy Efficiency
  9. New Technologies

These open houses will help NPPD determine whether or not there is sufficient room in its energy portfolio and the public support for additional wind generation. Nebraska has the fourth-best wind energy capacity in the nation, yet lags far behind in both wind energy developed and as a percentage of our state portfolio when compared to other top ten wind-capacity states or bordering states.

Please attend these meetings and engage in this public discussion.

Input to NPPD can be made at the NPPD website or by emailing

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