The NRA is Targeting Nebraska

The National Rifle Association is throwing its weight behind bills that will loosen gun laws in Nebraska. LB289, a “preemption” bill, would nullify all local gun ordinances in Nebraska, leaving only lax statewide gun laws valid in Nebraska’s cities. In Lincoln, this would do away with ordinances that keep people convicted of stalking, possession of explosives, impersonating a police officer, and other dangerous misdemeanors from possessing a gun in the city limits. It would also get rid of all of Omaha’s gun ordinances, including handgun registration and requiring a permit to open carry. Even though it would undermine her city’s efforts to curb gun violence, Omaha mayor Jean Stothert supports this NRA-backed bill.

Other gun bills before the Judiciary Committee include LB30, which would keep the identity of conceal carriers secret, making it impossible for the media and researchers to connect crimes to conceal carriers; LB635, which would allow conceal carriers to take guns into bars; and LB340, which would make businesses post specific signage with exact dimensions in order to bar people from carrying guns on the property.

Please contact the members of the Judiciary Committee and tell them that these laws are good for the NRA but bad for Nebraska.

Senator Les Seiler, Chair
Phone: 402-471-2712

Senator Ernie Chambers
Phone: 402-471-2612

Senator Colby Coash
Phone: 402-471-2632

Senator Laura Ebke
Phone: 402-471-2711

Senator Bob Krist
Phone: 402-471-2718

Senator Adam Morfeld
Phone: 402-471-2720

Senator Patty Pansing Brooks
Phone: 402-471-2633

Senator Matt Williams
Phone: 402-471-2642

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